The Details

Web Developer

I speak (sometimes too much)

French is my native language. I read English very well, but, I've got some difficulties to speak in this language. The lack of practice I presume. Also, I can remember few German lessons if required.

I'm born in 1989

The year of the fall of Berlin wall, the sinking of the Exxon Valdez, Tiananmen square protests and the launch of the Rainbow Warrior II.

I'm from Paris in France

But I'm not attached here. I would like to live in Iceland, Canada, USA, Sweden, etc. (in no particular order).

I validated some skills

-Bachelor-level degree in web development & software design.

-Associate Degree of computer technician.

I am fascinated by ethology

Analyze and learn animal behavior allows a better understanding of human being.

Konrad Lorenz, Champfleury & Nikolaas Tinbergen are my favorite readings.

I'm interested in lot of various stuff

Ethology, Literature, Theater, Music, TV Shows.

Edgar Poe, Arto Paasilinna & Kurt Vonnegut are always in my hands.

Rap, metal, jazz, classical, pop etc. are always in my ears.

The Big Bang Theory, American Dad, Awkward & Futurama always in my screens


Logistics & customer services

2006 -> 2011

I drove many forklifts, make some calls to customers (B2B & B2C), and made my first job experiences in these societies: Hediard, Hermes, Sebac MSR, MEP group, etc.

Datacenter maintenance

IT maintenance

2011 -> now

I love being alone in a dark room with thousands of LED flashing on me.

Windows/Linux/MacOs, Hardware & Software.

Web Development

Web development

2012 -> 2014

Addicted to the internet for almost 10 years, I finally did it last year in the SVP group.

PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, JS/Jquery, Symfony2